On Writing

Well well well..

It’s been forever since my last stint at writing, and I’m feeling decidedly rusty. I always assumed writing would be like riding a bicycle- impossible to forget. But turns out, writing needs the continuity of practice so that words can flow out and form the ideas we intend to convey. As I sit here, typing for all I’m worth- I can’t help observing how unnecessarily flowery my sentences are, and how redundant my words. I’m using bigger, bulkier words to describe the simplest of ideas, and even then I’m not succeeding.

I went back today and read a few of my older blog posts- and I find myself envying the rhythm of my own words. Today, I’m struggling- and the result of my efforts is a stunted, malnourished thing that has fought it’s way to it’s present form. I’m forced to face the rather unpleasant fact- I’ve forgotten how to write. 😦


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