On Writing

Well well well..

It’s been forever since my last stint at writing, and I’m feeling decidedly rusty. I always assumed writing would be like riding a bicycle- impossible to forget. But turns out, writing needs the continuity of practice so that words can flow out and form the ideas we intend to convey. As I sit here, typing for all I’m worth- I can’t help observing how unnecessarily flowery my sentences are, and how redundant my words. I’m using bigger, bulkier words to describe the simplest of ideas, and even then I’m not succeeding.

I went back today and read a few of my older blog posts- and I find myself envying the rhythm of my own words. Today, I’m struggling- and the result of my efforts is a stunted, malnourished thing that has fought it’s way to it’s present form. I’m forced to face the rather unpleasant fact- I’ve forgotten how to write. 😦

Hello World… Again.

For the number of times I’ve written a first post in a new blog, I really should be much better at this than I currently am. But unfortunately, every new blog of mine needs to be broken in- something like a new shoe. So I may seem stiff and awkward in my first few posts, but I know that before long I’ll feel at home here.. 🙂

Second Chances is a bit of a misnomer- I suffer from the weird habit of restarting my blog after every difficult phase of my life- and this certainly isn’t just the second time I’m doing it. While I’m going through it- I tend to use my blog as a release for all that goes on in my head, and when I’m done with it all, I find the need to get rid of all of it and start over. I guess it’s just my way of moving on.
In my own little corner of the world- in my own heart, and mind and soul- there’s always room for one more chance, for another attempt to get it right. It’s my way of forgiving myself, of washing away all the negativity, of giving myself a brand new beginning..

But the truly amazing thing about life is that it’s so hard to classify it as good or bad. The funniest of incidents will weave themselves into the most tragic situations; a heartwarming moment shines in the craziest comedy- in this blog, I intend to capture some of the madness that makes up my life.

Until next time, stay happy! 🙂